About Us

Protect the Fighters is a student-led organization based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


We work to brighten the lives of pediatric oncology patients by emphasizing the mental health aspect of treatment.

Protect the Fighters strives to implement multidisciplinary projects, such as art, music, and physical abilities within their local hospital.


Our belief is that a positive mindset and overall contentment amongst the patients will allow them to respond better to treatment.


Founder, Fadila Farag


A passionate proactive activist and leader, developing a career in pediatric psychology, to support the psychological well-being of vulnerable children in healthcare settings

Co-Founder, Farah Al Mutawa


An internationally minded humanitarian with an array of interests from environmental conservation to human rights, and child psychology

Co-Founder, Nour Ramzi


A determined leader with a strong voice and many talents ranging from theatrical arts to health management. 

Loran Pelecky, Former Officer

An inspiring, dedicated volunteer with an insightful and dynamic perspective and strong interpersonal skills, who aspires to be a child and adolescent clinical psychologist.



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